Rj Rules

HUM FM 106 Rules and Regulations ForRj’s

All Rjs must do their shows on time without fail

All Rjs must join Room 15 minutes before their show

Rjs are not allowed to take extra time if next Rj is present in the chat room

Rjs are not allowed to take permission for extra time from next Rj, In case if they want to take it should not exceed more than 5-6 minutes.

Rjs coming late without informing any admin will not be allowed to do their shows

If any Rj comes late after 15 mins or more their show will be cancelled

One Rj can do only one show per day if they want to do more they should take permission From Admins

It Doesn’t matter for what all radios you are working for if you are committed with HUMFM106 it should be with 100 percent commitment & Dedication

I request all our Permanent Rjs to add Hum fm 106 name and Link on their face book and Skype ids.

Every Rj should promote their postings before they go on air

Rjs and Djs who ever go on air please make sure that you are with the RjOrDj nick in chat room to avoid misunderstandings

All Rjs must take part in Hum Fm 106  radio activities and promotion.

All Rjs are requested to be prepared with their topics before going on air last minute hustle will not be tolerated

Rjs should keep their nick as Next Rj before 15mins prior to their show

We will not give any reminders to Rjs All the Rjs are requested to follow the Rules in case of any negligence strict actions will be taken against them

Absurd language any kind of misbehaviour or ill mannerism will not be accepted.

After you end the show make sure that you have disconnect SAMBC Official Skype id rename Skype Id Check Your microphone be careful while u are live on radio

Combine Shows will be on weekends if any Rj is interested in doing combine shows should contact administration and fix their timing.

Calling shows will be given to experienced Rjs and that too once in a week. we will not encourage daily calling shows for single Rj it shows that you are out of words on your selective topic

Rjs who will be missing their 3 shows continuously without informing will be removed for a while. If you want to join back they have to assure for 100 percent attendance and commitment. In case of any emergency we will be with them and cooperate with them But they have to inform us

Rjs are not allowed to play Dj without permission in case any sickness or inconvenience they can play with permission

All new and old Rjs must give respect to their senior Rjs and administration

Please be active on Face book Crew and keep yourself regarding the shows

All Kinds of Priorities will be given to HumFm106 Rj’s Only

I hope and wish your support All the best to all working with u will be fruitful to humfm106 and For You

If further queries contact  Rdj Wajid Ali

P.S Rjs and admins Must Read