Apply For Rj

Apply for RJ? What we expect from you?

Our expectation is quite objective in its nature. Keep the users and visitors of the chatroom engaged and as an RJ to thousands of users, comply to what they wish to listen. If you would like HumFm106 to chalk out a framework for your job, here it is.

Check the taste of the audience and pick songs likewise. You can ask them in open chat and play as their desire. You can also ask them if they would like to dedicate a song to some other member. However, be remindful to follow the norms of the society and ask permission from the other person in prior before mentioning his or her name in the broadcast. Only then you can openly dedicate songs.

You need to have a schedule prepared for the day and time you wish to perform in. It is better that you even share it with the management staff of the beforehand, so they can give accreditations or recommendations likewise.

New is what people mostly love to hear. And as users at HumFm106 are there to enjoy their leisure time, as an RJ it is your duty to gossip about some ‘masala news’. We aren’t asking for a whole bulletin, but we expect you to address this issue too. However, your views shouldn’t be reflected in any political or religious issue and it is better if you restrict to entertainment stuff. Off and on, you can talk about major happenings too.

Bring in some friends or some interesting personalities too. You don’t need to necessarily look out for them, but you can get any random man with you someday and people would be happy to listen a new voice and simultaneously some new ideas too.

Social media is all about promotions. As an RJ we expect you to share the show timeline and content too on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to attract more and more people. Such efforts and results occurring from it will be highly appreciated.
What skills are required before you apply for RJ?
The skillset is just simple enough. We need some one who can engage people for long and here is what you should have in you.

Ability to write scripts. You need to have a rough sketch always ready before you get online for shows.

MUST know how to handle audio accessories and computer. We expect you to have the adequate software ready for a broadcast and expect that you know how to give the best performance.

Should be humorous. You need to have the skill of make people smile and ease their tensions while you apply for RJ at HumFm106.

Should have an energetic and appealing voice. Your pronunciation and diction should be clear, and your voice should feel vibrant on the mic as well.

Should preferably know several regional languages. Though we don’t recommend using them but a line or two is the best way to cast away the boredom of the listeners.

Should have a basic knowledge of music. You should realize that the listeners like to hear the music all by themselves so as an RJ, you shouldn’t be talking too much in between lines.
We hope that the instructions as well as the responsibilities are very clear. We at HumFm106 believe in transparency so any attempt to approach the management will result in disqualification from the recruitment process.
Also, be remindful that the authority of decision rests with the senior administration and the decision can’t be challenged at any forum.
We wish all of you the very best in your endeavors.