About Us

Mission of HUM FM106: Love People Love World
HUM FM106 is leading radio station in all over the Globe. Having a huge number of listeners in vast area. HUM FM106 provide information through Radio FM with the mission “Love People Love World”. Network of HUM FM106 group includes HUM FM 106 Lahore, HUM FM 106 Sialkot, HUM FM 106 Mardaan, HUM FM106 Islamabad, HUM FM106 Faisalabad and HUM FM 106 Gujranwala. All HUM FM106 stations broadcast around the clock various Programs in Urdu, Punjabi, English, Hindi and Pushto with different moods with respect to time. Along its extensive programming HUM FM106 broadcast hourly news bulletin, talk shows, discussion programs, interviews and radio reports to keep listeners aware with current affairs and situation prevailing in the World. HUM FM106 are interactive and listeners participate through live phone calls and text messages. Some special programs are interlink through live streaming and from every city of HUM FM106 station we have maximum participation of the listeners and website of HUM FM106 has been launched keeping in mind the demands of modern era at the same time giving access to HUM FM106 transmission to the listeners all over the world.
Local talent is selected from all the cities, polished and groomed in best possible way and then put on air. These talented people add the development of HUM FM106 Programs.
The Management, Producers, Presenters, Technical, I.T and Production team of HUM FM106 are busy 24/7 to produce better programs through their untiring effort and for the sky is certainly not the limit.
No wonder HUM FM106 is emerging as a role model in air waves of region, leaving an inspiration for all the other stations..
All our efforts are useless untill you people do not join us.
So, keep listning HUM FM106 (KuCh MuSiC Ho JaYe) and stay tuned with us..

Hum Fm 106 brings togather all over the world make this world full of unity, love peacefull atmosphare “Join HUM FM 106 and be part of a mission spreading humminity love and equality.