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The Largest Radio Network of Hum Fm 106. A Project of Mega Online Radios. The Largest Voice of World. The 1st Number One Family Channel of World. Hum Fm 106. If you want to send Message in Show or Play your Request Send Sms>>>>>>Go to Your Mobile Create Message opetion Type humfm106(space) Your Name, Your Message, City Name and Send it 8885. For Live Call Dial +923149470474.For Daily Update at your mobile>>>> @humfm_106 and send it 40404 For Other Details: Station Manager: Rj Wajid Ali: Contact No. 0314-9470474 Panel Manager Sara Contact via email: info@humfm106.com

Upcoming shows
Friday 10:00

Classy Generation

With Jessie Black

Friday 11:00

Sins At The Mic

With Wilhelmina Red

Friday 13:00

Sound Seduction

Presented by Marika Love

Friday 14:30

Pop’n Roll

Mixed by Rebecca Lost

Friday 18:00

Art Of Gossip

Monday and Friday at 23:00

Friday 19:00

About Jenny

With Jenny T. B.

Friday 23:50

Dance Hits

By Tom Cuffia

Friday 23:55

Family Affairs

With Sebastian Troy

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